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...Robin’s Nest Global Child is a charity based in Australia, Canada and England with Robin and Graham Byrnes overseeing the project, administration and finances they send to countries such as Kenya where they need help for their children. Originally named Robins Nest Childrens Home they now  work with and rely greatly on the Robins Nest Local Community Advisory committee for advice on any developments and cultural issues to help you better. They do this work because they love children and they believe that children are the key to the future success of their village and Kenya...( ckick here to see the whole story )

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Every C.H.I.L.D. Deserves a Family!  Community . Health . Independent . Learn . Develop .

He shall cover you with his feathers and under His wings you shall take refuge (Psalm 91:4)


Donations to Robins Nest Global Child are Made through Old Windham United Church   30 Glendale Crescent, Simcoe. Ontario N3Y 4M2.
Cheques written to: Old Windham clearly marked: Robin’s Nest with the sender’s name and address .   Donations over $50 will be issued a charitable recite
Paypal, Cash or Cheques are graciously accepted


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